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If you are looking for honest, no-nonsense Byte at Night reviews, you have come to the right place.

Looking for the best solution for your new and improved smile might look like a demanding task, considering that there are many alternatives on the market. This is why we are looking into one of the most popular choices provided by the Byte company and that is Byte at Night Aligners.

This is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get to your personalized treatment plan and the confident smile you deserve. There are some details you might be interested in about Byte’s nighttime aligners before you make the final decision.

So, if you want to learn more about nighttime aligners keep on reading, and let’s jump right into this Byte at Night review.

What is Byte at Night?

The Byte at Night is a one-of-a-kind teeth straightening therapy that allows patients to wear the aligners at night for at least 10 hours. This is frequently one of the first things that distinguish this therapy from others since patients are more likely to wear them at night.

The nighttime-only treatment is an excellent option for correcting minor tooth displacements while you wear your aligners just at night. If you are a good candidate for the treatment plan, this evening option is ideal.

Because most treatments need you to wear the clear aligners for at least 22 hours, most customers like the notion of wearing them solely at night and for 10 hours.

Wearing the aligners solely at night may result in less effective outcomes than if you were wearing standard aligners during the day, but it may be the ideal choice for mild situations.

How long does the nighttime treatment last?

The Byte at night treatment lasts for an average of 5-6 months but the treatment time will depend on many factors.

Each treatment plan is made to fit perfectly with the patient’s current teeth placement and will gently push the teeth to seat properly in the jaw. Your treatment team will have all the information needed to make the best aligners and assess how much time you will need for the optimal results.

Keep in mind that not all people are good candidates for the nighttime wear of aligners so you might have to look into all-day aligners as well.

The good news is that each set of aligners with Byte will come with the new HyperByte device that will make the treatment faster. So, even though you are wearing the aligners for a few hours during the night the results should be seen at approximately the same time as any other alignment treatment.

The Byte at night vs all day aligners

A lot of people are considering all the options once they are ready to dedicate some time to get that perfect smile. This is why Byte at night reviews like this one can help you determine what would be the best choice for you.

One of the most common comparisons you might see is Byte at night vs all-day aligners, and for a good reason. Byte All-day aligners are a great option if you need a bigger alignment of teeth and you are willing to dedicate 22 hours per day to wearing them.

On the other hand, the Byte at night system is an amazing nighttime solution for people who don’t want to wear the aligners all day or don’t feel comfortable with the all-day treatment plan.

It’s incredibly convenient to have different wear schedule available with the same and amazing results. This way you can make the final call and decide which option is better for you.

Keep in mind that wearing the aligners all day might give you faster results, but nighttime only wear is also a good option if you follow all the recommendations from Byte’s dentists.

Here are a few things to consider when you compare day and nighttime aligners:

Materials used

Both day and night aligners are made from high-quality plastic that is almost clear and comfortable to wear. However, since the nighttime only aligners have the reduced time wearing them they are made from a slightly different material that is firmer.

This allows the night treatment to be as effective as the all-day one. But, keep in mind that not everyone is a good candidate for the nighttime treatment options so you need to consult with your Byte dentist.


It might come as a surprise that night treatment is more expensive than all-day aligners with Byte. This is because the byte at night aligner is made from special materials that cost more but deliver amazing results.

The cost is not fit for every budget and you should always ask if you have any discounts available as well as different payment plans. This can significantly ease the payment and enable you to get on the program as soon as possible.

Treatment time

Most of the time people think that daytime aligners work much faster than at night aligners, but this is not completely true. With special materials used and with added HyperByte device the average treatment time is practically the same.

Byte will assess the situation better once you get on the plan, but in general, you can expect results in 5-6 months with the nighttime aligner treatment. This is amazing compared to 4-5 months with daytime treatment.

How does Byte at night work?

This orthodontic treatment might sound too good to be true so we are going to analyze Byte at night aligners and how they work in detail. The entire process is devised to ensure each patient has the best set of aligners that will get them to their perfect smile in no time.

Here is how the treatment plan begins and how it works:

Impression Kit

Before you begin the Byte treatment you will be sent an impression kit to your home. This kit will allow you to make teeth molds that you need to send back to Byte for assessment.

Making the best impressions is important so you need to follow the directions carefully and ask for additional support if you need it. Once you make the impressions you need to send them as soon as possible so that the treatment plan can be created and your Byte dentist can assess your situation better.

The Byte at Night Aligners

Once you send the impressions your doctor at Byte creates an assessment and determines if you are a good candidate for the at-night treatment. Considering that this Byte at night treatment can resolve mild teeth crowding and misalignment not everyone will be given the aligners set.

However, if the teeth shift can be accomplished with night aligners you will be sent a few aligner trays along with instructions on the wearing time, using the HyperByte device, and all additional information you might need.

Nighttime Treatment

Nighttime treatment begins once you get your aligners in the mail. Unlike other companies, Byte will not send all the aligners at once. The team will assess the situation again after a few weeks and you need to make sure you are saving all the previous aligners.

At night aligners will come with the device that emits high-frequency vibrations called HyperByte to help you get the results faster. While you are using the Byte at night you need to place the HyperByte device in your mouth for 10 minutes each night.

If you are following the schedule as instructed this part of the night routine will soon become an easy step you need to take before you go to sleep.

Keep in mind that the plastic used to make Byte at night aligners is harder and it’s grind resistant. This means it’s more durable and will make the same results as daytime aligners if you follow the plan and wear your aligners as instructed.


Once you are done with the treatment your teeth will tend to shift back to their original position especially if you are older. This is why you must wear specially designed retainers to maintain your perfect smile.

The retainers are made from similar high-quality plastic and they are usually worn only during the night or even every other night once your teeth are settled in the new position.

The first set of retainers will be free, but keep in mind that Byte also offers a life guarantee for its users. This means that even if your teeth do shift back you might be sent new aligners free of charge.

The Byte at Night Cost

Nighttime treatment will cost more than the regular clear aligners or Byte all day because the material used is super durable and high-quality.

You can expect these costs once you are determined to try the program:

  • Byte Impression kit – Every Byte at night plan begins with the impression kit. This will set you back $95 but in case you are not an eligible candidate you will be refunded by Byte. Each kit will come with a prepaid shipping label so that you can get the molds of your teeth back to Byte for free and fast.
  • Base treatment – The Byte at night system is $2,295 for all new aligners you need for the entire treatment. You will also get a free set of Bright Byte whitening treatments. The aligners are not sent in one batch and you will need to monitor the progress and consult with the experts at Byte before new sets of aligners are sent to you.
  • Post-treatment – Once you are done with the aligners you need to wear the retainer set to maintain your perfect smile. The first set is free, but if you lose it or damage it you need to pay $129 for new aligners.

Keep in mind that Byte will not send you all the aligners at the same time and you need to save the old ones.

The cost of the treatment might be a bit more than what you would expect, but on the other hand, you will be getting the results with just nighttime wear.

The byte at night aligners pros and cons

Byte nighttime aligners review wouldn’t be complete without the pros and cons clearly pointed out. This will help you determine if nighttime aligners are a good option for you. Keep in mind that you still need to be approved by the team of specialists at Byte who will determine if you can wear aligners and get the best results.

The Byte at night pros

  • You will be able to wear the aligners only at night, which is an amazing opportunity for people who don’t want to go to school or work with their clear aligners;
  • Treatment time for daytime and nighttime aligners is pretty much the same if you are a good candidate and follow the instructions;
  • Treatment time is also faster than most aligners on the market that you need to wear for much longer during the day;
  • You can eat and drink during the day without worrying about your aligners like you would with the daytime treatment.

The Byte at night cons

  • Cost can be a bit too high for some users;
  • Byte aligners for the night are slightly less comfortable;
  • You need to use the HyperByte device for 10 minutes;
  • It’s not for everyone;

Are Byte aligners right for you?

At the end of this aligners review, you might be wondering if the treatment is the right choice for you. The answer to this question will depend on various factors that include:

  • Crooked teeth – As we mentioned before not all applicants are eligible to wear aligners only during the night. If you have severely crooked teeth, crowding or underbite you might not be the best candidate. On the other hand, if you need mild corrections that this wear schedule can repair you will be approved and successful;
  • Doctor’s assessment – Once you use the impression kit you can order on the Byte website your doctors at Byte will assess the situation in your mouth based on the molds and the photos you send. They will determine the best treatment plan for your problem and send you the nighttime aligners.
  • Budget – Even if you are the perfect candidate for Byte at night you still need to consider the price. There are various payment plans available and a lifetime smile guarantee is included.

All things considered Byte at night system can be an amazing opportunity to get the perfect smile you deserve and you need to wear your aligners only during the night.

This is a unique system that delivers results and is by far one of the best nighttime solution.

Customer support with Byte

One of the best things about Byte is the ability to do the whole treatment from the comfort of your home. Once you get the impression kit you will be good to go.

Byte will offer amazing customer support during the entire treatment. From the first day when you are making the mold, all the consultations, and available staff to answer any questions you might have.

You won’t visit the dentist’s office and you will cut on the costs for the travel and appointments. Everything is done online so you can make the schedule as you see fit. This is one of the reasons why so many people are choosing nighttime aligners.

You can contact customer support via email at or find them through their social media platform accounts. In addition, there are a few phone numbers available on the official Byte website.


Are nighttime aligners safe?

Yes, the at-night treatment is a completely safe way to straighten your teeth during the night and while you are sleeping. The aligners will fit tightly around your teeth and there is no chance of them falling out during the night.

In addition, a high-quality plastic that is used is grind-proof so even if you are grinding your teeth at night you will be safe from damaging your teeth or aligners.

Does Byte’s treatment last forever?

Once you are finished with the treatment you will be getting your retainers for free. But in case your teeth do shift back slightly Byte will activate the life guarantee and provide free replacements and enable you to get your perfect smile back.

You will be able to wear those new aligners at night as well.

What if I lose my aligners?

In case you lose your aligners you can get new ones with a price reduction. New aligners will be around $99, but you need to save your previous set of aligners and wear them until the new set is shipped to your address.

Can I eat and drink with my aligners?

No, you are not supposed to drink or eat anything besides water with your aligners in. This is a general rule, but because you are wearing the aligners only during the night this shouldn’t be the problem.

Just make sure you are finished with all meals before you brush your teeth and place them in the Byte at night.

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