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Many people have crooked teeth, crowded mouths or overbites and may feel that they want to better align their teeth but can’t afford the expensive, specialised orthodontist treatment.

A new, innovative alternative to traditional orthodontic braces involves using home-based teeth aligner kits which allow users to correct their misaligned teeth with the remote support of professionals. There are various aligner companies that offer aligner treatments and reviews can help you better decide which options are best suited to your needs.

During the global COVID-19 pandemic, people are looking for ways to minimize visits to healthcare facilities and doctors rooms, making these home kits with tele-dentistry support even more attractive.

Byte makes a range of invisible aligners that can be worn either during the day or at night, depending on your preference – and your purchase comes with doctor-monitored, tele-based home support as well as a dedicated customer service team. Byte also uses Smile Science to customize your aligners and achieve a smile that is most suited to your face.

Byte’s aligners are much less expensive than traditional braces and some people may also be eligible for insurance reimbursements to cover part of the costs. All of this means there is definitely a reason to smile and get excited about the prospect of having your teeth look the way you want them to.

Below is an overview of the Byte aligner, it’s specialised HyperByte device, details about the pros and cons to purchasing the byte system, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Byte Review Overview

Byte is a company that aims to make dentistry more accessible and affordable to its customers by offering a range of dentistry products and access to a tele-dentistry platform of licensed dentists and orthodontists.

This means people can now access professional dentistry and orthodontic services from the comfort of their own homes, as they are guided in their use of invisible aligners with a customised treatment plan.

Byte’s headquarters are in Los Angeles with an expert dental network of more than 200 professionals in 50 states. Byte’s technology is FDA cleared and comes with a lifetime guarantee. As leaders in the innovative new field of tele-dentistry, Byte has amassed thousands of 5-star reviews and is a member of both the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the American Teledentistry Association.

The Golden Globe nominated actor, Kerry Washington, recently became a Byte Creative Advisor as well as an investor.

What is a Byte Aligner?

Aligners are small transparent plastic trays that you wear over your teeth to help move them at a regular pace into the desired position.

They are customised to fit your teeth and help to guide and shift them slowly enough so that new bone grows below each tooth to keep them in their new position after the treatment.

The Byte aligners are made from BPA-free, medical grade polymer film and are quite durable. Byte’s aligners offer some of the quickest treatment plans available, thanks to the innovative HyperByte technology.

Using the Impression Kit To Customize Your Byte Teeth Aligners

The first step to getting your dental aligners made to fit you perfectly, is to create accurate dental impressions of your teeth. To do this, you will need to purchase an impression kit and follow these easy steps to get started:

Step 1: Clean Your Teeth Thoroughly

To get an accurate dental impression, there shouldn’t be any little bits of food stuck in your teeth or gums. Start by brushing your teeth for two minutes, floss between all teeth and then rinse your mouth out.

Step 2: Check That the Dental Trays Fit Your Mouth

Your Byte impression home-kit comes with dental trays that you will fill with putty to make impressions (or moulds) or your teeth. Two trays are for the upper jaw and two are for the low jaw – check each tray individually to see that they fit before moving to the next step. You’ll want your teeth to fit inside the trays and have enough room for the putty. If they don’t fit accurately, then call the company before moving to the next step as you may need to be sent a different size.

Step 3: Mix and Add the Putty to the Trays

Follow the instructions and mix the putty in your hands (gloves are included), but not for more than 30 seconds as it will start to go hard. Roll the putty into a log shape that you can then squish it into the one tray, filling all the spaces.

Step 4: Insert the Tray Into Your Mouth

Now you’re ready to create your impressions by putting the tray into your mouth (align it properly and centrally, so that it fits your entire set of upper or lower teeth) and push it onto your teeth so that it covers your gums (but avoid your teeth hitting the bottom of the tray). Do not bite down on the tray. Keep the tray in your mouth for 3.5 minutes so that the putty has time to harden and make a solid impression.

Step 5: Remove and Repeat

You can now remove the tray from your mouth, which may require a little bit of wiggling to get it out. Store if safely and repeat the process for the other trays.

Step 7: See if You’re a Byte Candidate

You will then need to send all of these trays to Byte so they can assess your teeth and see whether they are suitable for aligners and so they can work out a personalised treatment plan.

When and How Often to Wear Aligners

Byte offers two plans for aligners – the All-Day plan or the All-Night plan. The main difference, apart from being able to choose what time of day to wear them, is that the All-Day Aligners offer the fastest results and are slightly cheaper.

After completing your treatment plans, which is typically between 2 to 4 months, you will need to wear retainers to maintain your new dental alignment. The first set of retainers is free, but additional ones come at a price.

Below is more detail about each option, as well information about the HyperByte which is a device that is included with your purchase and is used daily to enhance results.

All-Day Aligners

The Byte All-Day Aligners need to be worn for 22 hours a day and can just be removed for eating and drinking. They are used in combination with the HyperByte, which is a vibrational therapy device that helps to speed up your treatment, and which is used for 5 minutes daily.

By wearing your aligners all day, you can speed up your treatment plan and complete it within half the amount of time compared with most competitors’ products. The entire treatment process takes approximately 3 to 4 months and is supported and reviewed by licenced dentists and orthodontists and includes check-ins each month and the option to send in progress photos.

All-Night Aligners

Wearing aligners at night may suit some people more than wearing them all day – and Byte offers you this option. You will need to wear them for at least 10 hours each night while you’re sleeping. The night version of the aligners are made from thick, durable material, which is grind-proof.

You will also need to use the HyperByte device for 5 minutes each day and this helps to greatly speed up the rate of treatment progress. As with the All-Day option, your treatment plan includes the support of qualified dentists and orthodontists to ensure the correct results.

The HyperByte Device

HyperByte is a small medical device (included in your treatment plan) that you wear in your mouth for 5 minutes each day as part of the alignment process. It uses High Frequency Vibration (HFV) that sends pulses to the teeth roots and bones and is aimed at reducing any discomfort and helps to set your aligners to fit your teeth more accurately – it also helps to speed up overall treatment times.

Pros and Cons of using Byte Invisible Aligners

You might be considering whether it’s best to purchase Byte products or to go for the more expensive braces option. Here are some candid pros and cons regarding Byte aligners to help you make that decision.

Benefits of Using Byte Aligners

  • Smile Science: this system, which was created by a cosmetic dentist (Dr. Marashi), is able to identify the best placement for your teeth and then customize your treatment accordingly.
  • Access to a network of expert dentists and a customized treatment plan: Byte has an expert dental network of more than 200 professionals, across 50 states. Byte’s doctors have around 12 years of experience with aligners (on average) and they customize treatment plans for patients. These doctors are available 7 days a week for consultations.
  • No in-person consultations: saving you time and money, Byte allows you to access their specialist network remotely, so you no longer need to visit the dentist in person. This may be particularly attractive in times of pandemics, where lockdowns and safety precautions often make in-person office visits challenging. It also saves you time, money and the hassle of setting up in-person consultations which might also be far away from where you live.
  • HyperByte device included to speed up treatment time: Byte’s patented vibrational device, which is included as part of your plan, helps to ease any discomfort and speed up the treatment process.
  • Day or night options available: having the choice of whether to wear your aligner at night or during the day is an option with Byte. The All-Night and All-Day treatment plans offer flexibility in this regard.
  • Retainers and teeth whitening included: the Byte aligner kit includes retainers which are worn following the completion of the treatment plan, as well as a teeth whitening option.
  • Lifetime guarantee: the byte-for-life guarantee is there to ensure that your treatment plan works and that your new teeth alignment is maintained.
  • Refund if your teeth are unsuitable: once you have sent off your impressions to Byte, they will be able to tell you if you’re a suitable candidate for their products or not. If not, you will receive a refund for the price of the impression kit.
  • FDA cleared technology: this gives you peace of mind that the safety of the Byte kit has been tested and approved.
  • Faster results: Byte offers faster results than other competitors and this may be important if you’re looking to change your smile in the minimum amount of time.

Drawbacks of Using Byte Aligners

  • No in-person engagement with dentists or orthodontists: as the Byte treatment plans are all done via tele-dentistry, there’s no opportunity to have a face-to-face in-person consultation with a dentist or orthodontist.
  • You can’t choose your dentist or orthodontist: While Byte does offer access to over 200 professionals in its expert network, you can’t choose any dentist or orthodontist in the country. If you are keen to use a particular dentist who you are familiar with, then this may not be the plan for you.
  • Only directed for mild to moderate alignment issues: Byte’s aligners will only work for people with mild to moderate dental alignment issues like a crowded mouth, poorly spaced teeth or rotational issues. More severe cases will not be able to be treated using Byte’s aligners.
  • More expensive than some alternatives: Byte’s aligner system is pricer than some alternatives, although it does offer a lifetime guarantee and it includes retainers, whitening foam and flexible payment options, as well as discounts for military and students.
  • The Byte impression kit requires you to take your own dental impressions: Typically dentists will take impressions for you, but because the Byte model is all online and remote, you have to take your own impressions which can be a bit daunting. Luckily, there is lots of support and guidance to make this process as easy and stress free as possible.
  • Insurance reimbursement may be complicated: Because tele-dentistry aligner treatment is quite a new phenomenon, insurance reimbursements for eligible claims may be a bit complicated.

Byte Aligners & Treatment Plans: Purchasing Options

You can opt to pay either a once-off fee for the aligner system or a monthly fee which includes a Byte Protection Plan. Some dental plans offer orthodontic benefits, so you may be able to get some reimbursement from your insurance company.

Byte offers discounts for military and veterans as well as discounts for college and graduate students.

Byte Reviews FAQs

Does Byte really work?

You may be wondering whether it’s worth the risk of investing in aligners, if you’re uncertain whether they will actually work on not. That’s why it’s important to do proper research before buying aligners to find a company that has a good reputation and to read through some customer reviews to get a sense of what the results have been. There are loads of byte reviews online that you can read through to help you make your mind up.

Is byte bad for your teeth?

It’s understandable to have some reservations about using aligners that will actually change the way your teeth look and move them slightly over time. Dentists and orthodontists have been aligning people’s teeth for many years using braces and aligners, which shows that they are not bad for your teeth if used correctly and if done under the supervision of a qualified dentist or orthodontist.

Is Byte better than Invisalign?

Byte and Invisalign both offer invisible aligners. Invisalign is a far more expensive option and involves more in-person consultations with specialists.

Is Byte or Smile Direct better?

One of the main differences between Byte and Smile Direct Club is that Smile Direct allows you to go to a SmileShop to have a technician take impressions of your teeth for you. This may be attractive for anyone who’s a bit weary of using the Byte impression kit at home. Both companies offer professional supervision and both are prices similarly.

Can children use Byte aligners?

Yes, children from 12 years upwards can use Byte aligners. They will need to have all of their adult teeth, their parent’s consent if they’re younger than 18 and will also need to be approved first by one of the Byte orthodontists.

How long does it take for my customized aligners to be sent to me?

Once you’ve completed the impressions of your teeth and sent them to the folks at Byte along with some photos, they can start customizing your aligners. They typically take around 4 to 6 weeks to arrive in the mail.

How long will my Byte re-alignment process last?

The Byte treatment plan usually lasts between 2 and 4 months and is quickest when using the All-Day Aligners. Because of the HyperByte device which speeds up the process, Byte is able to deliver results in a shorter period of time compared with some competitors.

How do Byte aligners need to be cleaned?

Cleaning aligners is quite simple: they should be rinsed daily with cool water and can also be cleaned in a solution of water and vinegar (equal parts of each) for 20-30 minutes and then rinsed thoroughly. If you’ve decided to use the BrightByte whitening foam in your aligners, then this will also help to keep them clean. However, other whitening creams could degrade your aligners, so try to use BrightByte if you’re opting for a whitener. Avoid scrubbing the aligners as that can create areas for germs to hide, and no one wants a mouth infection. Also remember to put them in your mouth after you’ve cleaned your teeth when possible.

How will I maintain my new smile once I’ve completed the Byte aligner treatment plan?

You will need to wear retainers following the aligner treatment plan, to make sure that your teeth stay in their new position. At first you will need to wear them all day and night for about 2 weeks, and then you will be able to just wear them at night while sleeping.

Can I whiten my teeth while wearing the Byte aligners?

Yes, you can, but you’ll need to use the Byte brand of whitening foam called BrightByte (or a plain gel alternative that has a hydrogen peroxide base, with a concentration of no more than 3.5%) as other products may damage your aligners. Luckily Byte includes their BrightByte foam cleaner in their treatment plan. If you’re wearing aligners, then this may be a convenient time to start whitening your teeth.

One bottle lasts around a month if using it as directed, which is one or twice a day during your treatment plan and then nightly once you start wearing your retainer.

Byte Reviews Final Thoughts

If you have a mild or moderate tooth alignment issue that you would like to correct, then Byte’s aligners offer an affordable and accessible option that comes with a personalized and flexible treatment plan.

If you have a more serious dental issue then these aligners are probably not for you. In addition, if you have a preference for a particular orthodontist (who isn’t one of the 200 Byte dentists and orthodontists) and if you enjoy being able to have in-person consultations, then this solution may also not be suitable for you.

But if you are happy with tele-dentistry consultations and are looking for affordability and flexibility, then the Byte’s All-Day or All-Night Aligners offer you just this. Furthermore, compared with other aligners, Byte’s HyperByte device offers additional benefits. Having the smile you’ve always dreamed of is now more accessible and affordable.

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