Periodontal status among relatives of aggressive periodontitis Patients

Jayashree A Mudda, Reetika Gaddale


Background: Aggressive periodontitis (AgP) represents a group of infrequent types of periodontal diseases that have an onset at a younger age, with rapid attachment and bone loss which aggregate in families. The etiology includes environmental and genetic factors. The heritable factors may predispose to altered inflammatory or immunological processes. Aims & Objectives: To assess the periodontal status of relatives of Aggressive Periodontitis (AgP) patients. Material and Methods: Data from nine AgP patients were gathered along with a family history report for each of their relatives. Out of 60 relatives only 22 were willing to be examined from whom the periodontal status was obtained. The family history report for each examined relative was compared with the periodontal diagnosis made at examination to assess reliability. Results: Thirty six percentages of the examined relatives, aged between 12–66years, were diagnosed with AgP, while chronic periodontitis was present in 23%, gingivitis in 27% and 14% were healthy. If the report provided by the proband was positive, the likelihood of finding any type of periodontitis in that relative was 87.5%, whereas if the report was negative the likelihood of the absence of periodontitis was 77.7%. Conclusion: The percentage of examined relatives who were affected with AgP was 36% which although lower than results from other studies, is still higher than in the general population and the reliability of periodontal family history was considered good and more reliable when it was positive.


Aggressive periodontitis; Indian population; Family History


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