Endo-Perio lesion: An interdisciplinary approach

Veena Ashok Patil, Pavan Despande, Shivakumar T.P


The relationship between pulpal and periodontal disease was first described by Simring and Goldberg in 1964. Since then, the term endo-perio lesions have been used to describe lesions due to inflammatory products found in varying degrees in both pulp and periodontal tissues. The pulp and periodontium have embryonic, anatomic and functional interrelationships. As the tooth matures, and the root is formed, three main avenues are created between pulp and periodontal ligament, i.e., dentinal tubules, apical foramen, lateral, and accessory canals. These are the pathways that may provide a means by which pathological agents pass between the pulp and periodontium, thereby creating the endo-perio lesion. Lateral canals play an important role in the spread of infection from the pulp to the periodontium. This paper reports the management of a 35-year-old patient with a combined endo-perio lesion.


Endo-Perio lesion; Pulp necrosis; Periapical abscess; Secondary periodontitis.


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