Dental Implant Maintenance-A Review

Suvarna H Patil, Veena H.R, Mahantesha S Chakrasali, Abhishek C Shah


The emphasis for long term success of dental implants has shifted over the years from surgical technique and proper fixture placement, to implant maintenance and effective patient home care in recent times. Peri-implantitis has similar etiological, clinical, radiographic and histological features as periodontitis. Clinical parameters, such as probing depth, clinical attachment level, bleeding on probing and mobility, are important indicators for detecting potential peri-implant disease. This article reviews the systematic approach for evaluation of the dental implants, as well as the proper professional and home care required for the long term success of the dental implants.


Dental Implants; Oral hygiene; Peri-implant probing; Implant maintenance


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