A comparative evaluation of functional efficiency of Diamond bur used with Distilled water, Distilled water modified by addition of Mouthwash and Lactated ringer solution as coolants- An in-vitro Study

Tushar Vithalrao Bhagat, Ram Thombare


Background: Several studies conducted to improve cutting efficiency of dental burs but none of that have tried to modify coolant used during cutting. Aims and Objectives: To compare the cutting efficiency of diamond bur when using with modified coolants such as mouthwash and lactated ringer solution. Method and Material: Cutting operation was performed on Ivorene teeth on specially designed stand, using modifying coolants. Control group was plain distilled water, other group were distilled water modified with mouthwash and lactated ringer solution. The time taken to for each cut was calculated and the data obtained are statistically analyzed by using One-way ANOVA, Unpaired t-test and Dunnett D test along with critical evaluation of SEM photograph of each bur. Result: Distilled H2O modified with Chlorhexidine mouthwash was superior over Lactated ringer which was graded second, whereas Distilled H2O coolant was third for completing the cutting operation. All findings have been also supported by the observation of the photomicrograph obtained by SEM of Diamond burs used in this study.


Coolant; SEM; Chlorhexidine Mouthwash; Ringer Lactate Solution


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