How Would I Look With Braces

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Do you find yourself asking yourself the question, How would I look with braces? No problem.

Everyone currently considering getting braces are asking themselves the very same question, and even though the teeth straightening treatment is only temporary and you can expect the results of your treatment to last a lifetime (provided that you follow the instructions that your orthodontist gives you and do your part to maintain your new smile), you might still worry about how you are going to look while wearing the braces.

Fortunately, we live in a wonderful age where technology makes it possible to get a sneak peak of what life with braces is going to look like. Additionally, it is possible to get clear aligners that are practically invisible, meaning there is less for you to worry about in terms of temporarily altering your appearance for the worse before you are able to shed the aligners and reveal your new smile.

Get a sneak peak of yourself with the Brace Yourself app by Fragranze Apps Limited

Why lie awake at night wondering what you would look like with braces when an app can give you the information right you are after away? All you need is your iPhone or iPad and you are good to go.

Brace Yourself is an innovative app created by Fragranze Apps Limited for iPad and iPhone, with the specific aim of allowing children and adults to find out how they are going to look wearing braces.

The Brace Yourself app is available from the App Store on your device and takes seconds to download. Once you have downloaded the app, you are able to upload photos via the in-app share facility. The app is able to review the information in the photo and use it to create a version of the photo with braces edited in exactly where they should be. The free version of the app features no less than 32 different pairs of braces, and the paid version bumps you up to 72 pairs of braces! No one can deny that this is a pretty effective way of getting to see yourself with different sets of braces on before you commit to any.

The Brace Yourself App also works for photos with multiple people in, so if you feel like giving your friends or family members braces, you can.

How you will look after braces

You might have heard that wearing braces can subtly change the shape of your jaw and therefore alter your appearance – and this is not just a rumour or a possibility, it is absolutely true! In fact, it is impossible to straighten your teeth without shifting the root of your misaligned teeth inside of your jaw, and this in turn is bound to slightly alter the shape of your jaw, and with that, your overall facial bone structure.

Dramatic as this may sound, the changes that happen to your jaw during a teeth straightening treatment are usually very, very subtle and in some cases even imperceptible to the naked eye.

How would I look with braces? FAQ

How do I know what I will look like with braces?

The best way to find out what you are going to look like with braces is to use one of the apps available for iPhone and Android devices, such as the Brace Yourself 2 app.

The Brace Yourself app is able to take a selfie that you upload to the app and create a version of it where you are wearing braces. You can also upload photos with multiple people in them, so if you feel like adding sets of braces to your family members or friends, there is no one stopping you.

What is a good age to get braces?

It is never too late to get braces, but the best age to take your child to see an orthodontist is between the ages of 7 and 10 as kids have their permanent teeth growing in at this age.

How long till you see results with braces?

How long it will take you to see results from wearing braces can vary wildly, but the typical timeframe is between six months and three years.

How long it is going to take for you to see the desires results of your orthodontic treatment is going to depend on the severity of your teeth misalignment as well as the type of braces you wear.

What will I look like without braces app?

There are numerous apps out there that are able to show dental patients what they are going to look like once their braces come off.

The top apps that allow you to remove your braces from photos of yourself include TouchRetouch, Object Removal Lite, Unwanted Object Removal, Snapspeed, Enlight FotoFox: Digital Art and Adobe Photo Shop Express: Photo Editor Collage Maker.

Closing thoughts

Are you curious to see how you, your friends or family members would look like with braces? With apps like Brace Yourself 2 you can.

Seeing what you would look like with braces might give you the reassurance you need to feel comfortable making an appointment with an orthodontist.

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