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How and where can you find the Best Buy Boil and Bite dentures online?

A lot of people are leaning on boil and bite dentures as a quick and affordable solution for missing teeth. In fact, boil and bite denture products are very popular in the bigger lower-income market.

Coincidentally, people who have lower incomes are more likely to be the people who need dentures. A lot of these people are unable to afford dental services, dental implants, or traditional dentures so they have to live without them. Having immediate denture options was a life changer.

Having missing teeth and not bothering to replace them can cause more problems than you think. Other than the discomfort and lack of confidence, you can also suffer diet-related difficulties and other dental and oral problems.

This is where boil and bite immediate denture come in. But considering how cheap these online dentures are, are they really safe and reliable products?

In this article, we will discuss what you need to do about boil and bite dentures online in order to make an informed decision if this is the right solution for your missing teeth.

What are boil and bite dentures?

Boil and bite dentures are prefabricated dentures that come in a variety of sizes. Some will even allow you to choose the color of the fake gums and teeth.

Each product will have its own set of instructions on how to make the dentures a perfect fit but generally, this is how it works: You make an impression and this impression will be the basis of how you should arch the denture to ensure that it would be a great fit.

The denture will be soaked in boiling water until it softens enough for you to mold into the impression that you make. Then, all you have to do is form the denture around the impression you made to ensure that it is a proper fit.

It can sound like a tedious process but you do not have to worry. The product will come with step-by-step instructions so you do not have to worry when you are doing this for the first time. Plus, most of these products can be reheated and refit several times so you can redo the entire process without worries.

There is no need to go to a dental clinic and see a licensed dentist. So, if you just want something to replace your missing teeth right away and you do not really need any emergency dental care, this is a false teeth solution that you can consider.

Boil and bite dentures are very handy when you do not have the money yet to see a dentist and get good-quality dentures. Although they can last for years, they are just made as a temporary solution for missing teeth. You are still advised to go see a dental professional and get a proper denture.

Boil and bite denture brands

Here are some boil and bite denture products that you can find online.

Good Fit Instant Denture Setups

Good Fit offers pre-set arrangements of denture teeth set in an adjustable thermoplastic denture base. You can choose your tooth molds and shades when you make your order with them.

All you have to do is heat the denture setups in boiling water for 2 to 4 minutes then adapt them to your chosen model. The material will be soft enough to adapt to a wide variety of arches.

Orbright Ultimate Denture Kit

The ultimate denture kit from Orbright is packed with every tool you need to make your own dentures in the comfort of your own home. It boasts a price tag that is half the price of what you would normally pay for from a dentist.

Its main selling point is that the material can be reused and reshaped all over again so if your denture is not a perfect fit, you can just reheat it and adjust it until you find the right fit.

Easy Denture

You can have a complete set of dentures for just half the cost of what you would pay for traditional dentures from a dental office.

Easy Denture promises that you will be able to create your own denture in just five minutes. All you need is hot water to have a custom-fit denture and if it does not fit right, all you have to do is reheat again and refit. In fact, you can customize and refit their product up to 20 times.

Benefits of boil and bite dentures

Here are some of the benefits usually associated with getting boil and bite dentures.


Boil and bite dentures are ridiculously cheap if you compare the cost side by side with what you would pay for a denture from a dental office. Some are even more than 50% cheaper than the real thing.

Immediate denture

With boil and bite dentures, you get a replacement for your missing tooth within minutes. Quality dentures take several dental clinic visits to complete. Even the at-home dental kits will have you waiting for a couple of weeks.

Are there issues that come with boil and bite dentures?

Most of these products would often come with a warning that they are not meant to replace professional dentures but they are merely a temporary solution for those who can not get dentures or implants yet.

Here are some common issues that users complain of when it comes to using boil and bite dentures.

It’s hard to get a good fit

Despite the boil and bite process that ensures a good fitting, most of the time, these types of dentures are not really a good fit. You could barely see people getting it done right for the first time. It takes a lot of patience and precision to get the right look and fit.

Pain and discomfort

If the boil and bite dentures do not fit well, they can lead to discomfort and pain. It can even lead to bone loss in your jaw because the denture will place uneven pressure on it.

Can get loose and fall off

Another consequence of not having a good fit is having a loose denture. This can be quite embarrassing if they fall off in the middle of a conversation or while you are eating.

Obviously fake appearance

A common complaint about boil and bite dentures is the fact that they look obviously fake. They come at a cheap price because they are made out of cheap materials.

Despite these issues, people still rely on boil and bite dentures because having a cheap denture is better than not having any at all.

High-quality at-home denture kits that you should consider

Dentures should be personalized so that they become a good fit and would go well with your facial structures. If you do not like going to the dental office, there are at-home denture kits that you can buy and they are made by professionals.

All you have to do is make an order and an impression kit will be sent to you. Make your impression and send the impression kit back to the company and they can easily make high-quality full dentures or a partial denture for you.

Here are some high-quality denture products that you should consider.


DentKits provide different types of at-home dentures and they are available at affordable prices. DentKits create real and customized dentures without you having to visit a dental clinic through a simple at-home impression kit process.

Everything is made with strong and high-quality materials. Advanced teledentistry technology is used and everything will be checked by a licensed dentist in your state. They offer full arch dentures, partial dentures, Nesbit, flipper, and many more.

Denture Rescue

Denture Rescue offers a very easy and simple mail-order answer for your denture needs. They offer full and partial dentures online. They claim that their dentures are just the same as the high-priced dentures you can get from dentists for a lower cost.

Denture Rescue also offers a Super Sprint service for those who need dentures in a hurry. Denture Rescue also has other services and products available like clear aligners.


DentureBox is a denture laboratory that promises quality dentures because their dentures are made out of FDA-approved medical-grade products. Each denture is designed by skilled technicians and is approved by licensed dental experts.

They send a try-in denture to test out if it fits correctly after you send them your impression. A video call with a dental consultant will follow to gather information about the try-in denture to ensure that you get the best fit.

Any adjustments that need to be done based on the telehealth video call you had will be applied and the final denture will be delivered to your address.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I replace missing teeth?

Your looks: This is one of the most obvious reasons. A smile can say a lot and a smile with missing teeth can sometimes be embarrassing. This is especially if you are still going to school or work. You may even experience people making fun of you because of it.

In turn, this can cause a lot of mental health issues. When you replace your missing teeth, you get to regain your self-esteem and you can interact with others with more confidence.

Jawbone deterioration: Another common problem with missing teeth is that your jawbone will weaken and deteriorate. This will cause a sunken look on your face and your looks can change drastically over time.

Difficulty eating: Your teeth are there for chewing and to help you cut your food into tiny pieces before you swallow it. Without teeth, you will be unable to chew and this will limit the kinds of food that you can consume.

Increase risk of gum disease: Missing teeth leave your gum exposed and this makes you vulnerable to different periodontal diseases. If you do not take care of your oral and dental health, bacteria can easily build up in the gums and this will affect the rest of your remaining teeth.

How long do boil and bite dentures last?

Since these types of dentures are made out of plastic materials, you can expect them to last for a couple of years if you take good care of them.

But you have to keep in mind that they are only meant to be temporary solutions and are usually just for cosmetic purposes. They do not have as much functionality as those that come with traditional dentures

Can dentures be purchased online?

Yes, there are a lot of denture kits that can be bought online. Just make sure you get them from the official website so that you are sure to avoid scams. If not, always make sure that the online shop is a reputable seller with high ratings and positive reviews.

Can you boil dentures to make them fit better?

Boiling water can warp the shape and fit of dentures because they are usually made with plastic material. As for boil and bite dentures, they can be exposed to boiling hot water several times to be refitted.

For traditional dentures, you are not supposed to do this since they are already a custom fit. If you get a customized denture and it does not fit well, you should see the dentist or contact the company you ordered it from for adjustments.

Can you make your own dentures at home?

You can make your own dentures at home through the boil and bite denture products. You have to follow the instructions carefully to make sure you get a good fit. Otherwise, you will have to repeat the whole process several times.

Can I get dentures without seeing a dentist?

Yes, it is possible to get dentures without having to see a dentist. This is why denture kits are popular because it helps you save money by skipping the part where you have to go to the dental clinic. All you have to do is make an impression and the dental lab will create your denture for you.

Will the boil and bite denture melt if I drink or eat something hot?

The plastic material will only melt when it is submerged for a long time in 60+ °C temperatures. Meaning the temperature must be hot enough to burn your tongue for it to melt. So you do not have to worry about consuming hot food or drinks.

What if I am only missing a few teeth?

You have to check the product for the specifics. There are some denture kits that will allow you to remove the false teeth that you do not need so you better look for that feature before making a purchas


Having missing teeth can affect not only your looks but also your overall health. In this scenario, having any kind of denture is better than not having one at all.

But keep in mind that as discussed above, boil and bite dentures come with issues. After all, you get what you pay for and cheap dentures definitely come at a price. It is, however, a great solution if you need a temporary replacement for your missing teeth right away.

If you are looking for a permanent solution that will last for a long time, it is always best to invest your money in dental implants or go for dentures that are custom-made and high quality.

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