Comparison of apical sealing ability of Obtura II, Gutta Flow 2 and lateral condensation technique

Ajit Hindlekar, Srinidhi Surya Raghavendra, Pratik Kotadia, Kinjal Gathani


This study compares the apical sealing efficacy of three obturation techniques. Lateral condensation is taken as the standard and Obtura II and Gutta Flow 2 is compared with it. Aims and Objectives: To compare the apical sealing ability of Thermoplasticized (Obtura II), Single cone (Gutta-Flow 2) and cold lateral condensation. Materials and Methods: Sixty mandibular premolars were randomly divided into three groups for three types of obturation techniques. Group I: Cold lateral condensation (n=20), Group II: Obtura II (n=20), Group III: Gutta-Flow 2 (n=20). Roots were placed in 2% methylene blue dye for 72 hours. All the roots were sectioned longitudinally with a diamond disc under continuous water-cooling. Both surfaces were then directly examined under a stereomicroscope at 20X magnification. The linear extent of dye penetration was measured in millimeter from the apical end of the preparation. Results: Group I showed the maximum dye penetration when compared with Group II and Group III and the difference was statistically significant. Conclusion: Gutta-Flow 2 when used in combination with Guttapercha cone has the good apical sealing ability and shows promise as an obturation technique.


Apical sealing, Gutta Flow 2, lateral condensation, Thermoplasticized obturation


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