Efficacy of topical application of 4-aminomethyl-benzoic acid among extraction patients taking warfarin

Elias Boutros, Muner Harfuche


Aims and Objectives: To evaluate the effect of topical Application of 4-Aminomethyl- Benzoic Acid (4-ABA) in Homeostasis of the bleeding after atraumatic tooth extraction in patients taking warfarin. Materials and Methods: Fifty patients, 30 males and 20 females with mean age of 66 years using warfarin with an INR ≤3.5 were included in this study. After teeth extraction the sockets in 25 patients are dressed with a gauze saturated with 4-Aminomethyl- Benzoic Acid for thirty minutes (group A) while the others are covered with dry dress and served as control (group B). Bleeding from the extraction site is evaluated and considered mild if it lasts less than ten minutes, moderate if it lasts between ten and twenty minutes and severe if it lasts more than twenty minutes. P-value of less than 0.05 is considered significant. Results: All patients in group A had mild bleeding, while 88% of patients in group B had moderate bleeding and two patients underwent severe bleeding and returned to the clinic where they received local measures to control bleeding. The results show that the value of PHI and CRAMER tests is close to the correct one, indicating the strength of correlation between the variables as the value of these coefficients significant (Sig = 0.00.). Conclusion: Topical Application of 4-Aminomethyl- Benzoic Acid after teeth extraction in patients taking warfarin is effective in achieving Homeostasis.


Dental extraction; INR; Post-operative bleeding; Warfarin


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