Buccal fat pad flap in management of oroantral fistula: a retrospective study

Ahmad Al Nashar, Hekmat Yakoob


Background: The oroantral fistula is a pathological communication between the maxillary sinus and oral cavity lined by epithelium. Aims and Objectives: To evaluate the use of pedicled buccal fat pad graft in the closure of oroantral fistula. Materials and Methods: A retrospective study was conducted on patients with oroantral fistulae treated by pedicled buccal fat pad graft from 2011 to 2014. Data collected includes patient age and gender, etiology of fistula, location of fistula, interval from appearance of fistula to repair, and immediate and late complications and Follow-up evaluations. Results: All 16 cases of the oroantral fistulae were successfully treated with this technique. Though partial necrosis of the flap was observed in two patients, this did not affect the final healing. Immediate postoperative complications were pain (43.75%), edema (31.25%) and trismus (50%). No late complications occurred, and all patients were free of pain or any limitations after the 3-month follow-up period. Conclusion: The use of pedicled buccal fat pad graft is an acceptable and reliable procedure in closing an oroantral fistulae.


Oroantral fistula; pedicled buccal fat pad graft


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