Oral health status of sensory impaired children in Delhi and Gurgaon

Kanika Avasthi, Kalpana Bansal, Meenu Mittal, Mohita Marwaha


Background: Sensory impairments can compromise an individual’s efficiency to maintenance of oral health care. Aims: To evaluate the prevalence of dental caries, gingivitis, malocclusion and traumatic injury to upper anterior teeth in sensory impaired children. Materials and Methods: A total of 614 children with varying sensory impairments (blindness, deafness/   muteness) within the age group of 5-16 years attending special schools in Delhi   and Gurgaon were included. Results: The prevalence of dental caries was more in the deaf/mute children at 72.43% while in the blind it was 59.68%, gingivitis was more in the blind at 71.53%, than the deaf/mute at 49.65%. The prevalence of malocclusion was 58% in the deaf/mute, while in the blind it was 30.69% and for trauma it was almost doubles in the blind (44.28%) when compared with the deaf (24.48%). Conclusion: The prevalence of dental diseases especially dental caries and gingivitis is as high as that seen in the normal children (60-70%) and that there is a need for administration of proper and professional dental treatment in these children.



Blind; Deaf; Gingivitis; Dental Caries; Prevalence; Oral Health


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