Ossifying fibroma in maxilla - a distinct fibro-osseous lesion of jaw

Deepak Passi, Geeta Singh, Dhirendra Srivastva, Shubha Ranjan Dutta, Sonal Mishra, Sarang Sharma


Ossifying fibromas are a benign, relatively slow-growing, central bone tumor of the jaws, especially the mandible, which is composed of fibrous connective tissue within which bone is formed, characterized by fibroblastic and osteoblastic activity in marrow spaces. Ossifying fibroma presents several variant histopathological subtypes. The overlapping clinical and histopathological features of these subtypes have led to diagnostic dilemma and confusion.This paper report the manangement of an unusual occurrence of large Ossifying fibroma in maxilla by surgical exicision with one year follow up.


Fibroma;Fibro-osseous Lesion; Maxilla; Ossifying Fibroma


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