Therapeutic effect of topical subgingival application of 1.5% chlorhexidine gel as local drug delivery system in chronic periodontitis – a clinical and microbiological study

Jinay Dashrathbhai Sathwara, Chandni Jinay Sathwara


Aims and Objectives: To evaluate therapeutic effect of topical subgingival application of 1.5% Chlorhexidine gel as local drug delivery system in chronic periodontitis. Materials and Method: The study sample consists of 30 subjects of both the gender suffering from chronic periodontitis. Clinical parameters like Plaque index, Gingival index, Sulcus Bleeding Index, relative attachment level, probing pocket depth and subgingival plaque samples were taken and anaerobic culturing was done at baseline and then at 30 days after therapy. Scaling and root planing was performed in all teeth. Selected sites were then assigned to different treatment modalities as experimental site (Scaling and root planing plus 1.5% chlorhexidine gel) and control site (Scaling and root planing only). Bacteria were identified based on their morphotype and were divided into two groups: Gram-positive cocci and Gram negative bacilli. Results: After 30 days there was significant reduction in percentage of anaerobic gram-negative bacilli and relative increase in percentage of gram-positive cocci in the experimental group. Statistically significant reduction in Plaque Index, Gingival Index, Sulcus Bleeding Index (p<0.001), Probing Pocket Depth and significant gain in Relative Attachment Level were noticed for experimental site as compared to control site. Conclusion: This study concludes that 1.5% chlorhexidine gel as an adjunct to scaling and root planing is found to be more effective in reducing plaque, gingival inflammation and pocket depth and gain in clinical attachment level when compared to scaling and root planing alone.


Anaerobic Culture; Chlorhexidine Gel; Chronic Periodontitis; Plaque Index; Probing Pocket Depth


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