A Comparative evaluation of fatigue behavior of removable partial denture alloys with and without heat treatment

Murali Ramamoorthi, Abdul Aziz Al Khuraif


Aims: To compare the fatigue behavior of removable partial denture alloys with and without heat treatment. Material and Methods: A total of 35 specimens were casted and divided into 7 groups. The groups studied were low gold alloy, medium gold alloy, palladium alloy and cobalt chromium alloy group. One way deflection fatigue test was used to evaluate fatigue of alloys. The number of cycles required to fracture each specimen was recorded and subjected to statistical analysis. Results: More number of cycles required to fracture the heat treated noble alloys. The base metal alloy showed more fatigue resistance than low gold alloy but less than medium gold alloy and palladium alloy. Conclusion: Age hardening increases the fatigue resistance of noble alloys. Clinical Implications: The mechanical property of cast restorations can be modified by heat treatment of the alloys, and can improve the longevity of the restoration.


Deflection Fatigue Test;Noble Alloys;Age Hardening;Heat Treatment


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