A Simple, Efficient and Effective method of Molar Distalization using NiTi coil springs

Sugareddy T.S, Namit Nagar, Roshan Sagarkar


Angle’s Class II malocclusion forms a major part of orthodontic practice. Over the past few years, non-extraction treatment and non-compliance therapies have become popular in the correction of dental Class II malocclusion. One of the methods to correct Class II malocclusion is to distalize upper molars.  This report describe the fabrication of an appliance to distalize maxillary molars using NiTi coil springs buccally as well palatally without the use of complicated piston assembly for the management of Class II, Division 1 malocclusion with minimal crowding in a 21 year old female patient. 


Distalization;Molar;NiTi Coil


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