Comprehensive rehabilitation of multiple aplasia: a case report

Parvathy Kumaran, Joyson Moses, Rangeeth BN


Multiple aplasia (oligodontia) is a condition characterized by congenital absence of six or more permanent teeth. It is primarily of genetic etiology. Absence of permanent teeth leads to multifarious problems such as increased attrition, caries, abnormal proximal contacts, underdeveloped alveolus and severe deep bite. This necessitates a multidisciplinary rehabilitation protocol, consisting of restorative, orthodontic, surgical and prosthetic components. This paper reports the management of oligodontia in a 13-year old child with was treated by multidisciplinary approach. The unique clinical issues related to the condition such as the need to maintain the deciduous teeth, the root-filling material, placement of interim dentures and need to strengthen the existing teeth, have been highlighted.


Multiple aplasia, MTA, Pulpectomy, Resorption


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