An Evaluation of Two Modern All-Ceramic Crowns and their comparison with Metal Ceramic Crowns in terms of the Translucency and Fracture Strength

Girish Nazirkar, Suresh Meshram


Background: Metal ceramic restorations are highly popular and are used for most of the crown and bridge restorations made today. Aims: To evaluate the translucency and fracture strength of two all-ceramic and traditional metal ceramic crowns. Materials and Methods: Thirty crowns of similar size and shape were constructed to fit a standard brass die. Ten crowns were manufactured from each of the following groups of materials: Vita Inceram, Metal Ceramic and Conventional all Ceramic. Modified Warpeha Goodkind test in which the ceramic crowns were fractured in an attempt to simulate the prosthetic configuration of the components. Results: The metal ceramic crowns were significantly more resistant to fracture than the two all-ceramic crowns, but all-ceramic crowns appeared to exhibit sufficient strength values to allow clinical evaluation. Conclusion: All-ceramic crowns exhibited far superior translucency than metal ceramic crowns.


Ceramic Crowns;Metal Ceramic Crowns;Translucency;Fracture Strength


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