Intraosseous Schwannoma in Mandible – A Case Report

Satishkumar G Patil, Udupikrishna Joshi, Aaisha Siddiqua, Nitin Thakur, Satish B.N.V.S


Intra osseous schwannomas are very rare and account for about 1% of all intra osseous neoplasm. According to the literature only 44 cases of intra osseous schwannomas are reported. In this paper we report a case of intra osseous schwannoma in a 12 year old female reported with a swelling in the anterior region of the lower vestibule. Occlusal radiographs revealed an ill-defined radiolucency with cortical plate expansion and a fracture line in the symphysis region. Histopathology and immuno-histochemistry confirmed the diagnosis of Schwannoma. The lesion was treated with surgical excision.




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