Dentigerous Cyst Occuring in Maxilla Associated with Supernumerary Tooth Showing Cholesterol Clefts-A Case Report

Naveen M Kumar, Ramadevi S, Shreenivas S Vanaki, Puranik R.S


Dentigerous cyst is the most prevalent type of odontogenic cyst and is associated with crown of an unerupted or developing tooth, and accounts more than 24%of jaw cysts, usually develops around crown of mandibular third molar, maxillary canine, followed by mandibular premolars, but rarely involve supernumerary teeth and central incisors. Here, we present an interesting case of   dentigerous cyst in a 14-year old boy, which developed around an impacted supernumerary tooth. Histological examination revealed a cyst with epithelial lining resembling reduced enamel epithelium and presence of cholesterol clefts in cystic wall.


Dentigerous Cysts;Odontogenic Cyst;Supernumerary tooth;Cholesterol Clefts


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