Nadgere Jyoti, Madhukar Pankaj, Gurav Tulika, Ahuja Shelly


With dentistry in the high tech era, we are fortunate to have many technological innovations to enhance treatment, including intraoral video cameras, CAD-CAM units, RVGs and air-abrasive units. However, no instrument is more representative of the term high-tech than, the laser. Dental procedures performed today with the laser are so effective that they should set a new standard of care. This article puts forward the state of the art of laser in esthetic and prosthetic dentistry from a clinical point of view, based on the research that supports the indications described. Numerous studies in the literature have reported the benefits of laser use, and based on the laboratory and clinical evidence, application for the use of lasers in esthetic and prosthetic dentistry is suggested.

Received on: 06/11/09     Accepted on: 4/03/2010


Laser; Removable Prosthesis; Fixed Prosthesis; Implant Dentistry;Bleaching; Caries Control; Caries Detection


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