Comparative analysis of periodontal pathogens in smokers and non-smokers with chronic periodontitis - A Microbiological Study

Sundaram Gopalakrishnan, S Parthiban, Uma Sudhakar


Aims: To compare the periodontal pathogens in smokers and non-smokers using, a non-invasive chair side technique, BANA (N-benzoyl- DL- arginine 2- napthylamide). Materials and Method: A total of 30 men were randomly selected out of which 15 are smokers and the rest 15 are non-smokers. Thirty sites in smokers and thirty sites in nonsmokers were selected for the study. Subgingival plaque samples from the selected sites in both Smokers and non-Smokers were subjected to microbial examination. Results: Out of the 30 sites examined in smokers, (48.3%) showed BANA positive reactions compared to (16.7%) in non-smokers. Papillary bleeding score was taken in 30 sites in smokers and non-smokers. Similarly in our study Smokers with papillary bleeding score 3 had more BANA positive species (53.3%) than non-Smokers (26.7%), Conclusion: In conclusion the study result shows that there were more BANA positive species in smokers than non-smokers which is more significant (P -0.02%) and papillary bleeding score increases with BANA positive species.


Chronic periodontitis; Smokers; Papillary bleeding score; BANA


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